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There is plenty of positive news happening all the time, but there is a good reason you don’t hear much about it. None of the mainstream outlets cover it, and you really need to search around on many different good news websites to stay in the loop. This can be time consuming, and therefore we have created a solution that brings endless streams of inspirational news directly in front of your eyes and without the need to search for it.
What is a Good News Network?
Seeking for the truth can be a lonely journey sometimes. Even as many Conscious Communities are growing all over the world, it can be hard to find the one that’s right for you. Enter ShareGood - the Conscious Community & Good News App - specifically designed to connect and combine our collective efforts in the ongoing #greatawakening.
Right now there are hundreds - if not thousands - of communities around the world that are focused on increasing their level of consciousness and making the world a better place. The problem is that most of these Conscious Communities and Alternative News Groups are growing “semi-isolated” in their own bubbles.
The good news is that all this is about to change - big time! The ShareGood App is a brand new social media platform focused on conscious, alternative news, and on connecting all Conscious Communities, Alternative Researchers and Truth Seekers in an ever-growing global network of like-minded people.
Happy News and Conscious Communities
When you join the ShareGood Conscious Community & Good News Network, you will never feel isolated in your search for truth and wisdom again. You will be instantly connected to a global community of people who want the same thing as you do - namely to change the world for the betterment of all mankind. The next phase is about to begin, and we call it the Phase of Conscious Connection.
Your feed will be filled to the brim every day with good, conscious news from only the best alternative news sources of your choosing. This way you will be much more aware of all the good changes and positive stuff happening in the world, instead of just the constant bombardment of negativity from the old-guard, corporate media.
This alone will brighten your day, and you can instantly share any good news stories with friends and family in the ShareGood app. You can also chat with people, and join conscious communities and groups all over the world. The time of isolation and lonely soul-searching is over. It’s time for us all to unite, and connect in a way that will change the world forever.
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ShareGood Alternative News Android API
ShareGood Alternative News Android API
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