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Are you tired of the constant bombardment of negativity from the old-guard, corporate media? Are you tired of the shadow-banning, no-platforming and harassment of truth seekers and alternative researchers on social media?
What is Alternative News?
First, let’s clarify what we mean by Alternative news (also called Conscious news). It’s simply news from sources that don’t have any other agenda than spreading the truth. Conscious news means it is much more positively attuned then mainstream news, and usually the focus is more on the solution than on the problem. 
Alternative news is sometimes referred to as alt news, independent news, real news or truth news. It doesn't really matter what you call it, what matters is that it can change your life - and the life of everyone you know - for the better. Let me now tell you how it works.
What is ShareGood Alternative News Network?
We were also tired of the constant negative bombardment from mainstream sources, so we decided to do something about it.
Therefore we’ve created the ShareGood App - a social media platform promoting Alternative, Conscious and Truthful News. You can choose to subscribe to all your favorite alternative news sources, and have a custom-tailored stream of only the best alternative news sites directly in your feed.
You can also connect with friends, chat and join groups of fellow truth seekers in a global community focused on making the world a better place. Share interesting, fun and happy stories on the go, and keep yourself updated on all the good stuff happening around the world.
You can select alt news sources from many different categories, and effectively block any sources you don’t feel is right for you. Together we will grow into a harmonized, alternative news network of truth seekers and alternative researchers - furthering the #greatawakening that is going on right now.
How alt news sites can change your life for the better
When your feed is filled with positive, life-enhancing and inspiring truth news stories every day, it will literally change the way you see the world. When you share these stories with your friends and family (and even strangers), you help uplift mankind to the next level of conscious evolution.
Negatively focused news creates a victim mentality in the masses, and the ShareGood Alternative News App will do the exact opposite. Truth seekers and alternative researchers will no longer feel alone and isolated like before. Instead, we all become part of a thriving, global community of like-minded, conscious people - focused on solutions, peace and prosperity for all.
Together we can help spread all the good and truthful news being suppressed by the old, dying corporate media, and shift our focus to global solutions for the betterment of mankind. Together we can make truthful, honest and inspiring news go viral, and change the world one “like” at a time.
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ShareGood Alternative News Android API
ShareGood Alternative News Android API
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